Strategic Plan


A vibrant and prosperous organization where the community accesses Fun, Fitness, Fellowship and Friendship through dancing.


The Community Dance Capital District Association promotes and supports the availability of the Clogging, Circle, Contra, Reels, Trio, Line, Choreographed Ballroom, and Square dancing mediums in the Capital District.


  • Fun, Fitness, Fellowship and Friendship are always at the forefront with the instructor’s cues and instructions providing the choreographed moves for the dancers to follow.
  • Inclusive membership is open to all individuals in Edmonton and District communities who wish and are able to participate in the dancing mediums of Clogging, Circle, Contra, Reels, Trio, Line, Choreographed Ballroom and Square Dance.
  • We believe in fostering community using communication, diplomacy, honesty and fun in a welcoming environment.
  • Respect, accommodate and support all levels of dancers.
  • Respect, accommodate and support all dance mediums (Clogging, Circle, Contra, Line, Reels, Trio, Choreographed Ballroom, and Square Dancing).
  • Relaxed casual clothing is acceptable.
  • Only clean, non-marking, non-scratching shoes can be worn during dancing in order to ensure the longevity of the dance floor is maintained for the future.
  • Any alcohol consumed before or during a dance must be at an amount which will not impair the dancer or affect the enjoyment of other dancers.
  • Facilities utilized by dancers and/or clubs will always be left in the same or better condition than when the dance or event started.

GOAL ONE - Open Dialogue, Interaction, Communication, Participation and Celebrations between Member Clubs and the CDCDA Executive


  • Member Clubs will be invited to make recommendations, motions, and participate in the decisions at all General meetings.
  • Member Clubs will be expected to participate in committees and to volunteer to carry out various tasks required for the functioning of the CDCDA.
  • An invitation for individual Member Clubs to set up and participate in a meeting with the CDCDA Executive.
  • All Clubs will be expected to provide information in a format provided by CDCDA for compiling information regarding all Clubs in a specified time frame.
  • Develop data bases for decision making and to help CDCDA, Clubs, and Members track our membership.
  • A combined New Dancer Evening in the spring of each year bringing the Clogging, Circle, Contra, Reels, Line, Trio, Choreographed Ballroom and Square Dancing together.
  • Work together to host the 2017 Provincial Convention in the Edmonton Region.
  • Work together to host a New Dancers Awards and Recognition evening for all the mediums which will be used to kick off the dance season in the fall.
  • Information sessions /forums will be established to discuss topics of current interest (i.e. leadership, community activities, advertising, inclusiveness)


  • Number of Clubs in attendance at the General Meetings.
  • Clubs participation in CDCDA Activities (such as summer dances, special functions, Provincial Conventions, etc).
  • ALL Information collected in specified format from ALL Clubs as per request from CDCDA within the specified time frame.
  • Completed data base developed as above so CDCDA is able to track our membership.
  • What information sessions/forums were held and how many Members attended.

GOAL TWO - Develop and implement a Marketing Plan


  • Develop an CDCDA Promotions Plan to be discussed with various groups to determine what we can expect in terms of a response.
  • Develop a promotions plan contract or agreement.
  • Develop a promotions plan or portion of a marketing plan then get the membership buy in, and approval to implement.
  • Implement the plan in an organized, timely and sustainable fashion.


  • Number of objectives have achieved

GOAL THREE - Recruit new Dancers


  • Multiple entry points during the year for all disciplines ( at least Sept, Jan, and April).
  • Multiple methods of learning (i.e.: fast track, nesting, 50+, etc).
  • Become more visible to the community with our activities.
  • Move beyond seniors homes and recreation facilities and community halls.
  • Explore the possibility of dance nights at the bars, night clubs, churches, youth groups, education facilities, etc.
  • Provide a subsidized program for schools and youth to learn to dance.


  • The number of new dancers.
  • Average number of new dancers per club.
  • Average age of new dancers.
  • Number of school/youth clubs started.
  • How many dances held in bars, or night clubs, or churches, youth groups, education facilities were held.


Society No. 500003125
Amended February 13, 2011 Amended January 31, 2016 Amended November 6, 2016

  1. Definitions
  2. Objects
  3. Organization
  4. Fiscal Year
  5. Meetings of the Membership
  6. Officers
  7. Duties of Officers
  8. Voluntary Services by the Officers and Directors
  9. Borrowing Powers
  10. Audit Accounts
  11. Inspection of Books and Records
  12. Amendments to Objects and/or Bylaws
  13. General
  14. Dissolution

A. Definitions.

  1. “C.D.C.D.A.” means Community Dance Capital District Association.
  2. “Square” means eight individual persons.
  3. “Federation” means Alberta Square and Round Dance Federation
  4. “Society” means Canadian Square and Round Dance Society.(C.S.R.D.S.)
  5. “Promenader” is the official publication of the C.D.C.D.A.
  6. “Dance” or “square dance” includes square dance, folk dance, country
    dance, round dance, contra dance, clogging.
  7. “Mail” for the purpose of these bylaws shall be by letter, post or by e-mail.

B. Objects.

  1. To continue the promotion of friendship and sociability of square dancing
    and oppose any attempt to disrupt the fraternity of square dancing.
  2. To provide square dancing in Edmonton and district.
  3. To provide for and conduct festivals in which all dancers may participate.
  4. To co-operate with Callers’ Associations in conducting clinics and
    programs for the standardization and improvement of square dancing.


  1. To compile and maintain a directory of all member clubs and make this directory available to all interested persons.
  2. To co-operate with local and district organizations concerned with square dancing.
  3. To provide assistance for those who wish to organize square dance clubs.
  4. To encourage among square dance groups mutual co-operation and
    exchange of club ideas, dance techniques, instructors and leaders.
  5. To encourage exhibitions and demonstrations of square dancing.

C. Organization.

D. Fiscal 1.
Membership shall be open to any recognized square dance club or group. The C.D.C.D.A., on the recommendation of the executive, has the right to refuse membership to any club or group wishing to join the C.D.C.D.A. The annual fee for membership in the C.D.C.D.A.:

  1. Shall consist of five dollars ($5.00) for adult clubs or three dollars ($3.00) for junior clubs or as determined by the executive of the C.D.C.D.A.
  2. Is payable on a date set by the C.D.C.D.A. executive

A member club may be removed from C.D.C.D.A. membership at any time for the following reasons, but shall not be entitled to any refund of membership fees.

  1. Club requests in writing to the Executive to withdraw, non- payment.
  2. If a club does not behave in accordance with the bylaws.
  3. If a club ceases to exist.

Dancers may be members of several different clubs as long as they have paid club memberships to each organization although only one C.S.R.D.S. fee need be submitted. Each membership counts towards each clubs voting numbers. (Fee refers to the C.S.R.D.S. insurance fee).
The fiscal year of the C.D.C.D.A. shall run from the first day of January until the thirty-first day of December each year.
E. Meetings of the Membership.

  1. All meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.
  2. An Annual General Meeting of member clubs shall be held during the
    month of January each year. The time and place thereof shall be set by the executive and notice shall be mailed to each member club at least three weeks before the set date.
  3. A Special General Meeting of member clubs shall be called as required and may be called by the president, a majority vote of the executive or by a petition signed by at least one-third (1/3) of the member clubs, setting forth the reason for such a meeting. Seven (7) days written notice of the Special General Meeting will be sent to the last known address of each member club setting forth the date, time, place and reason for such meeting.
  1. Executive Meetings shall be held on a regular monthly basis during the
    regular dance season (October to April) at a time to be set by the executive. A reminder notice is to be mailed by the secretary to each executive member at least one week before the meeting.
  2. Special Executive Meetings shall be called as required and may be called by the president or a majority vote of the executive, setting forth the reason for such meeting.
  3. General Meetings shall be held on a minimum of two occasions
    during the fiscal year and shall be attended by the club president or
    by his/her representative and is open to any dancer, caller or instructor. Notice of the meeting shall be given twenty-one days in advance to the last known mailing address of the member clubs. General Meetings are for the purpose of collecting and sharing information from and with member clubs as well as conducting any business that may properly come before the meeting. Voting will be done in accordance with Article E.8 of the Bylaws.
  4. A minimum of 30% of the member clubs shall constitute a quorum at all general meetings of the C.D.C.D.A. With respect to executive meetings, a minimum of 60% of the elected executive positions shall constitute a quorum.
  5. Voting club delegates to annual general, special general or any other general meetings shall represent their clubs as follows:
    1. Each registered club shall have voting rights according to the following table. It is recommended that the first delegate be the president of the club or the president’s nominee.
      0-16 members = 1 voting delegate 17-32 members = 2 voting delegates 33-48 members = 3 voting delegates 49-64 members = 4 voting delegates 65 plus members = 5 voting delegates
    2. No delegate may represent more than one member club.
    3. C.D.C.D.A. Executive members may not represent a Club. That
      constitutes a conflict of interest.
    4. No club may have more than five voting delegates.
    5. Club membership numbers must be received at least 1 week prior
      to the Annual General Meeting. Otherwise, the default membership number used will be the number of C.S.R.D.S. cards requested at time of registration.
  6. A sign in sheet will be maintained for general meetings with the requisite number of voting cards set aside for each club. For general meetings the first and subsequent registered attendees from each club will be given the voting cards until all cards for the club have been allotted. Further members may sign in and it is up to the club members present to determine which attendee(s) utilize the cards.
  1. Each executive position, whether it is held by a couple or a single person, excluding the president, shall have one vote at all general meetings. In the case of a tie, the president will cast the deciding vote.
  2. All meetings, including Executive meetings, concerning the activities of the C.D.C.D.A. are open to attendance by any interested dancers but only eligible delegates may vote. Only Executive members may vote at an Executive meeting.
  3. Voting at meetings other than for officer elections will be by show of cards. Voting for officer elections will be by written ballot by card holders.
  4. The following order of business at meetings shall be adhered to as closely as possible.
    1. Call to order
    2. Roll call
    3. Reading or Acceptance as circulated of the minutes
    4. Business arising from the minutes
    5. Correspondence
    6. Officer’s reports
    7. Committee’s reports
    8. Election of officers
    9. New business
    10. Adjournment
  5. The Nominating Committee shall consist of Past President, President and/or any member(s) of the C.D.C.D.A. appointed during an executive meeting. The report of the Nominating Committee as well as nominations from the floor shall be heard at the Annual General Meeting.
  6. The first executive meeting following the annual general meeting must be a joint meeting where all records of the retiring executive must be turned over to the new executive.

F. Officers

  1. The C.D.C.D.A. Executive shall consist of a maximum of twelve (12)
    members or member couples. This will consist of nine (9) designated
    positions as well as up to three (3) members at large.
  2. Designated Officer positions shall consist of a member (or member
    couple) for each of the following: President, Vice-President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Director, Dance Director, Promenader Editor, Alberta Square and Round Dance Federation Representative.
  3. The designated positions shall be elected for a three (3) year term. In addition, three (3) members at large may be elected for a one (1) year term. The position of Vice-President and President will be filled at every Annual General Meeting.
  4. Any committee, as deemed necessary, shall be appointed by the executive of the C.D.C.D.A.
  5. Any executive officer may be removed from office by two-thirds majority vote at a special general meeting.
  6. If an executive officer is absent for three or more executive meetings without justifiable cause, he/she shall be automatically removed from office.
  7. If an officer resigns or is removed from office a replacement shall be appointed by the executive until the next Annual General Meeting.
  8. The officers are to manage the affairs of the C.D.C.D.A. and each designated position shall carry out the duties as shown in article G.

G. Duties of Officers.

  1. The President shall:
    1. Preside at all meetings.
    2. Appoint a chairman of all committees after consultation with the
    3. Perform other duties ordinarily developing from the office of the
      president including setting the agenda for meetings.
    4. Call meetings of the executive or of the membership as deemed
    5. Represent the C.D.C.D.A. in relationship to other organizations as
    6. Ex-officio, be a member of all committees and establish additional
      duties for executive officers as required
  2. The Vice-President shall:
    1. In the absence or incapability of the president perform the duties of
      that office..
    2. Assist the president in coordinating all activities of the C.D.C.D.A.
    3. Accept such duties as the president may designate.
    4. Assist the president in representing the C.D.C.D.A. in various
    5. Be responsible for compiling a schedule of official visits by
      executive officers to member clubs’ regular functions.
  3. The Secretary shall:
    1. Have charge of the books and reports of the C.D.C.D.A. except the
      cash box and treasurer’s account books.
    2. Have charge of the seal of the C.D.C.D.A. which whenever used
      shall be authenticated by the signature of the Secretary and the President, or in the case of the death or inability of either to act, by the Vice-President. In case of the absence of the Secretary, his/her duties shall be discharged by such officer as may be appointed by the board.
    3. Take accurate minutes of all meetings, at both the executive and general membership meetings and circulate or present the minutes to the executive or membership as required.
    4. Handle all correspondence dealing with the C.D.C.D.A.
    1. The Treasurer shall:
      1. Collect and be custodian of the funds of the C.D.C.D.A.
      2. Keep accurate accounts of the monies.
      3. Deposit the monies in the C.D.C.D.A. bank account.
      4. Pay out said funds only when approved by the executive or when
        approved by the president and secretary.
      5. Prepare a summary of the financial position of the C.D.C.D.A. for
        each executive, annual general or other general meetings.
      6. Arrange for acquisition and distribution of tickets for dances when
        necessary. (Normally handled by the Dance Director)
      7. Prepare a budget for the next fiscal year.
    2. The Publicity Director shall:
      1. Be in charge of dance promotions for the C.D.C.D.A.
      2. Provide publicity for all C.D.C.D.A. functions
      3. Coordinate promotion through the medium of press, radio,
        television, etc.
    3. The Dance Director shall:
      1. Arrange for Callers for C.D.C.D.A. sponsored dances. Contracts
        to be signed by the dance director and president and/or vice-
      2. Keep a directory of suitable locations for such dances.
      3. Book same and obtain confirmation and make any other necessary
      4. Provide liaison with the callers in establishing the program for
        each dance event.
    4. The Promenader Editor shall:
      1. Take responsibility for publishing, editing, compiling and
        distributing the C.D.C.D.A. publication.
      2. Publish a roster of the member club’s special functions.
      3. Keep the information on the internet up to date with current
        information for the C.D.C.D.A. and member clubs or pass information on to webmaster as required.
    5. The Federation Representative shall:
      1. Attend A.S.R.D.F. meetings on behalf of the C.D.C.D.A. as the
        dancer representatives and report back to the C.D.C.D.A.
      2. Report on behalf of the C.D.C.D.A. at the meetings of the
    1. Voluntary Services by the Officers and Directors.
      1. Unless authorized at a general meeting of the C.D.C.D.A. no remuneration
        will be paid for any services of the officers and directors in connection
        with the C.D.C.D.A.
      2. When the C.D.C.D.A. is being represented at a meeting by an authorized
        representative, the executive then has the power to reimburse the representative his/her reasonable out of pocket expenses.
    2. Borrowing Powers.
      1. The C.D.C.D.A. may borrow or raise or secure the payment of money in
      such a manner as it thinks fit and in particular, by the issue of debentures, provided however, that the issuance of debentures will be carried out only in the manner and to the extent approved by a special resolution of the C.D.C.D.A..
    3. Audit Accounts.
      1. Each annual general meeting shall make provision for the reviewing of the
      books of the C.D.C.D.A. during the current year.
      2. Any member of the public or general membership may be set the task of
      reviewing the accounts and designated as the reviewer. The reviewer must
      be approved by the general membership.
      3. If significant discrepancies are noted by the informal review, the books
      will be submitted to an accountant for a formal audit.
    4. Inspection of Books and Records.

    1. Any books or records of the C.D.C.D.A. may be inspected upon written
    request of at least two member clubs, provided that reasonable notice is given to the officer having charge of the same.
    L. Amendments to Objects and / or Bylaws.

    1. The C.D.C.D.A. may, by special resolution, alter its objects so as to
      include some object or objects which may conveniently or advantageously be combined with the existing objects of the C.D.C.D.A., or as to restrict or abandon any objects specified in its application.
    2. The bylaws of the C.D.C.D.A. may be rescinded, altered, amended or added to by special resolution of the C.D.C.D.A..
    3. Whenever it is deemed advisable by the C.D.C.D.A. to deal with its objects or bylaws as set out above, 21 days’ notice in writing shall be given to the member clubs of the C.D.C.D.A. with respect to the meeting at which such special resolution is to be submitted for approval.

    M. General.
    1. To encourage attendance and learning at C.D.C.D.A. sponsored events,
    therefore be it resolved that if reasonable notice thereof has been given to the member clubs no member club will hold a dance of the same type and/or level as the sponsored event on the same date (ie: Member club round
    dance cancelled if C.D.C.D.A. sponsored round dance held on same date.)

    1. Highlights of executive meetings, interesting articles and pertinent square
      dance material shall be published in the Promenader and/or on the
      C.D.C.D.A. website.
    2. The C.D.C.D.A. shall obtain membership in any other Council,
      Association, Federation or Society it deems worthy.
    3. The executive may establish any such committee as it may, from time to
      time, deem necessary to handle any special event, function or project of the C.D.C.D.A., and thereto appoint such persons as it may deem necessary and establish a chairperson thereof.
    4. Such chairperson shall:
      1. be responsible to the C.D.C.D.A.,
      2. report at the executive meetings, and
      3. with the committee, be required, from time to time, to report to the
        executives as to the financial standing of the committee.
    5. The executive may establish a budget for the operation of such committees
      provided always that should any special event, function or project handled by each established committee realize a profit, such profit shall be deposited to the C.D.C.D.A.’s general account.
    6. The executive shall disband any committee when it has served its purpose or for any other valid reason.
    7. The executive shall have the power to appoint honorary officers or patrons. These appointees shall not be entitled to vote.

    N. Dissolution.

    1. Upon dissolution of the Community Dance Capital District Association
      those assets that are regulated by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission shall be transferred to a charitable organization named and recorded in a carried motion at the Annual General Meeting, a Special Meeting or an executive meeting with the required quorum of members.
    2. Any funds or assets not regulated by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission shall be divided among the active member clubs and / or donated to charitable organization(s) as decided at the annual or special meeting at which the dissolution is declared.